Pretty Simple Designs Coloring Book

Pretty Simple Designs A Coloring Book for Adults is available for purchase on Amazon at

It took what seems like forever, but my first coloring book is published and ready for sale! I’m so excited about this, even if nobody ever buys it.  LOL   The book is 50 drawings, hand-drawn by me, of abstract, Zentangle-inspired images.  The designs vary, but there’s lots of floral elements, and some that are just pretty designs with no real theme.  Normally, when I draw just to draw, I add my own shading, but with this book I didn’t add the shading.  They are plain pen and ink line drawings, because on coloring pages people should be able to add their own shading and interpret the pictures the way they like.  They are one-sided pages, and I left a margin on the inside of all the pages, so you have room to punch holes or add a mat if you frame your stuff or what have you. Anyway, it’s up and available for sale.




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